Level 1 Improvements - UPDATE

Level 1 at the Exchange is really taking shape. Our improvements have come a long way in the past few weeks, and things are looking great.

With new additions such as vibrant wall decals, new signage, brighter lighting and grass on the ceiling - yes, you read that right - Level 1 has had a new lease of life and is looking modern and contemporary. With the opening of our Wild Cub Freeplay on the 24th November, the level has seen a boost in footfall and has proven a hit with young families.



All new signage will make it easier for guests to know where they are going. 

Wall decals help to bring a vibrant splash of colour to the level. 


When you next visit don't forget to look up, or you'll miss our quirky grass patches on the ceiling. And before you ask, yes, it is real grass. Sprayed with a special product to keep it from growing or dying, the patches will thrive all  year round, without the need to be cut or watered.


improved lighting helps to  brighten up the area. And our low maintenance grass patches provide a bit of quirkiness.