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Active August Challenge Leaderboard Standings!

The 2nd week of the Active August Challenge has been completed, and you have all been stepping away and exploring finding the checkpoints around The Exchange, playing games and learning fun facts! 🏃🏽 🏃🏼🏆

We will now reveal the 'top steppers' of the past week ...drum roll...🥁🥁🥁 

1 Fozia Hussain - 38039 steps!
2 Mahmuda Ahmed - 33240 steps!
3 Zara - 24960 steps!
4 Anusha Podapati - 22726 steps!
5 Rawshan Jahan Ria - 21366 steps!
6 Nveen Kumar Gopagani - 17231 steps!
7 Tashfeen - 16356 steps!
8 Nadia Wasif - 15418 steps!
9 Ibrahim Hassan - 14943 steps!
10 Amina Ahmad - 14000 steps!

Each week we will be drawing one winner from the top 10 steppers to win a fab sports related prize.  The winner has been drawn for last week and the prize, which is a great new Archery Set, goes to.....Tashfeen!! Our team has been in contact to arrange for you to pick up your prize. Congratulations! 🏆🏆🏆

Head back down to The Exchange in our final week and grab a pedometer from the Guest Lounge on the ground floor because we will be drawing more winners and giving out more great prizes including a £500 gift card!  Don't forget, the more steps you take, the more chance you have of winning! 🚶🚶

Do you want to take part in the Active August Challenge? More information here on what it is and how to take part. Head on down and discover a new world of adventure in your local shopping centre! 🏢

Stay up to date with us, we will send your our latest events and competitions at the Exchange.

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