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Operations Support Manager

Exchange Ilford



Work with the Operations Manager to ensure the smooth operation of the Centre. The Operations Support Manager will deputise for the OM as required and will assist in the development and delivery of the annual Business Plan and Service Charge, plus management of Soft Service and Facility Maintenance activities both planned and reactive. Effectively manage change focussing on people and projects. Maximise opportunities to improve operational performance, health and safety, environmental performance and the customer and guest experience.  


You will be accountable for:


  • Administering the Digital Permit to Work and Visitor Management System and annual permits.
  • Weekly Health and Safety Inspections
  • Weekly Review of Reactive Maintenance Tasks
  • The JUI process, including record keeping and overseeing actions for resolution.
  • Collating all tenants Fire Risk assessments and 5-year electrical inspections and keeping a log of expiry dates.
  • Organise and maintain archive rooms, create, and maintain a technical drawing and document inventory in line with GDPR and Legal Documentation Requirements.
  • Support administration of the Centre’s void utility bills and manage meter maintenance with utility companies.
  • Support administration of operational invoicing and suppliers
  • Soft Services and Facility Maintenance compliance monitoring


You will be responsible for: -



  • To communicate with employees all information about the company, the brand, initiatives and statutory requirements including promoting recognition schemes.
  • To assist the Operations Manager in leading and directing all on site Security and cleaning operatives with the Soft Service Managers.
  • Participate in the development and delivery of the Centre’s induction and recurrent training.
  • To assist Operations Manager with all contractor performance and compliance auditing.
  • To undertake Health and Safety and other training as required.
  • Nurture relationships with Customers and find ways to improve the Guest Experience.

Product & Service

  • Ensure safety, security and cleanliness of the centre meets organisation expectations.
  • To work with the OM to ensure all routine maintenance is carried out on all equipment and monitor energy consumption to maximize efficiency and value for money.
  • To assist and monitor all aspects of Health & Safety & Fire issues ensuring the implementation of the Health & Safety Management System under guidance of the OM/GM.
  • To carry out and recording of joint unit inspections and ensure completion of follow up actions.
  • To assist the OM in overseeing the security teams and ensure that all fire alarm, sprinkler, and other emergency systems are tested, operational and well maintained.
  • To assist in the management of recycling operations, introduce and improve processes to increase recycling rates and eliminate non recyclables.
  • To constantly monitor all contracts and contractors to ensure efficiency, compliance, quality of staff and delivery, and value for money, with the support and consultation of OM.
  • Participate in compliance auditing and support resolution of findings.
  • To assist the OM in controlling and monitoring contractors, administrate the digital permit to work and visitor management system.
  • To work closely with the OM to maintain full involvement in all town centre activities representing The Centre
  • To ensure all new retailers are briefed on Centre operating procedures and monitor existing tenants’ compliance with the Centre’s safety procedures and instructions.
  • To deputise for the OM when required, ensuring the GM is fully briefed on all relevant matters.
  • To communicate/deal with Centre customers service requirements
  • To ensure a high level of customer and guest service
  • To work with the Operations Manager on shop fit requirements.
  • To collate utility usage readings (gas, water etc.) monthly and pass to OM and administrator.
  • Check utility invoices, inform utility companies of changes, oversee meter change processes.
  • To carry out regular patrols of the Centre recording any compliance or maintenance issues that require attention and taking appropriate action to rectify them.
  • To assist the OM in carrying out Key Performance Indicator inspections and reports to agreed brand standards.
  • To ensure, together with the OM, that all emergency procedures are updated, drills carried out at agreed frequencies and emergency equipment is maintained and regularly checked.
  • To manage running of car park on a day-to-day basis, liaising with security, cleaning, maintenance, and car park contractors. Reporting any issues to service provider and escalating to Operations Manager/FM team if required.
  • To manage the releasing of data from the CCTV system for the Police or other official agencies.
  • To give all possible assistance in the event of an emergency situation arising.
  • To support the Operations Manager in updating the evacuation and Emergency Preparedness Plans.
  • Provide reports and relevant statistical data on accidents, incidents and other associated role related matter as required, to General Manager and Operations Manager.
  • Maintain organisation and tidiness of Centre Archive rooms. Ensure documentation is stored in accordance with regulatory and GDPR requirements, ensuring secure disposal of obsolete and expired documentation.
  • Create and Maintain an Inventory of physical infrastructure records and technical drawings, find and organise the installation of improved storage systems.



  • To work with the OM to develop the annual business plan and service charge budget and its on-going delivery.
  • To arrange quotations for works, present to the Operations Manager for approval and once agreed see through to conclusion within agreed budgets and timescales
  • To make recommendations to the OM on cost savings if appropriate
  • To use office supplies efficiently and cost effectively
  • Work with the Administrator to ensure operational supplier invoices are processed in a timely manner and new supplier processes are completed.


  • To ensure all company policies are understood, communicated, and adhered to appropriately.
  • To act as Duty Manager as required
  • Flexible work hours required, working evenings and early morning when necessary.
  • To make informed judgments and take responsibility for the Centre in emergency situations.
  • To ensure all company policies are understood, communicated and adhered to appropriately.



Performance Measures


  • Achievement of the Annual Business Plan
  • Fulfilment of the Operational initiatives on the Centre
  • Guest and Customer Experience Feedback
  • Issue and ensure validity of Operational and Safety Instructions
  • JUI compliance
  • H&S Management Audit
  • Accident reporting
  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment
  • Soft Service and FM BSPM


Professional Qualities:

  • Leadership: Demonstrates strong leadership skills, guiding and motivating teams effectively.
  • Communication: Exhibits excellent communication abilities, ensuring clear and concise information sharing.
  • Problem-Solving: Shows proficiency in identifying issues and implementing solutions promptly.
  • Organisational Skills: Ensures efficient handling of tasks and documentation.
  • Customer Focus: Committed to enhancing customer and guest experiences.
  • Adaptability: Capable of adapting to changing environments and demands.
  • Integrity: Upholds the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.
  • Team Player: Works collaboratively with colleagues and contractors to achieve common goals.



In view of the wide ranging duties, it is not practicable to issue specific instructions to cover every possible eventuality.  The employee is expected to use their knowledge and discretion in carrying out the various duties, and if in any doubt regarding any instructions, will contact the Operations Manager for further guidance.

You will be asked to undertake from time to time, such other work as shall be necessary for the proper running of the Centre and general well-being of the persons occupying or using the Centre.

Applications for the role should be sent to

Job description

Creating the ultimate retail experience requires striking in-store displays designed to capture customer attention. Every day you’ll put together compelling product displays, from styling mannequins with the latest ‘must haves’ to installing the newest window displays. The visual team take pride in delivering the highest presentation standards to keep our stores looking stylish and make our customers stop in their tracks. You’ll implement carefully crafted visual plans with precision whilst spotting every opportunity to bring your own creative ideas to life. New seasonal launches and promotional activity means the visual team work across every department from fashion to home.

We’re open 7 days a week and in this role you’ll need to be available to work 5 variable days per week including weekends.

What you'll bring

You’ll put the customer at the heart of every decision you make, ensuring you see everything through their eyes. You’ll understand how colours, space, shapes and much more tell a story and influences the customers’ decision to buy. Your natural ability to really connect with people means you’ll play your part in our team with ease inspiring colleagues and customers alike through your genuine passion for fashion.

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